Jen has been ridding, training and breeding horses and ponies for 30+ years. She lovingly blames her dad for her love affair with horses, saying he took her to the Santa Anita Race Track when she was 2 and the rest is history!

Jen has earned both her bronze and silver medals with USDF as well as many other Championships and reserve championships with her young stallions and in the musical freestyles.

Jen grew up in a military family, moving all over the country, and is married to a military man…..and still moving all over the country! This has afforded her the unique opportunity to train and ride with various different trainers and clinicians across our country and in various disciplines and styles.

Jens early years were spent ridding and training Arabian horses in English pleasure and halter, from there she moved into off the track Thoroughbreds and warmbloods and into the worlds of show jumping and dressage. She also spent some time in college learning from the cowboys and cutting cows! While Jen specializes in Dressage, young horses, and stallions, she always says “it doesn’t matter the breed or tack used, basics are basics. And good basics set the animals up for a lifetime of success.”

Jen loves to share her love for the animal and for the magic created between horse and rider. She also enjoys leading young horses through their first building blocks in life and developing them to their full potential whatever that might be.

Breeding Program and Philosophy

The Goats

Our breeding philosophy is simple,……bred for mind and temperament first, and conformation and athleticism next.

Our breeding goals are always to produce a sound and healthy animal who will be a good partner for young riders, adult amateurs, and professionals alike. Showing the trainability and athleticism to be competitive at the upper levels.

First and foremost we just love our goats to death! They are wonderful companions and great entertainment. Jen claims when she is to old to “horse” she will keep on with her show goats.

Our breeding philosophy with the goat program is similar to that of the horses …..the goal is an overall improved quality show and milk goat. We breed for improved temperament, conformation, udder capacity and attachment, overall health, and color. We also have several naturally polled animals, breeding for lack of horns.

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