We offer several different boarding packages to accommodate our clients. All boarding packages include 24/7 round bales of hay, or hay in the stall as required. All horses are turned out on pasture (weather permitting for stall boarded horses), and are encouraged to turn out in herds as appropriate. Grain will be fed 2x day, owner is to provide pre made “baggies” weekly of horses required grain.

All horses will be wormed 2x year by GGSH, and owner proof of appropriate veterinary recommended vaccinations will be required in the spring and fall.

Blanketing/un-blanketing, holding for farrier and vet, fly-masks on/off, etc can be arranged for a monthly fee as required.


We offer limited stallion boarding. Owners must carry appropriate insurance and stallions must have appropriate training and handling. This is required not only for the safety of the animal but also for that of our staff.

Stallions have their own stalls and runs and are given individual turnout. There are mares on the farm, however stallions are kept on the opposite side of the property.

Mares and Geldings

Mares and Geldings can either be kept in separate pastures or together depending on needs and the best fit for the individual horse and the herd they will be joining. At this time we offer very limited solo turn out.

Broodmare and Foal

We offer broodmare and foal care and boarding. Mares are turned out in a herd of other broodmares until foaling. We foal out in the barn or pasture as requested and mare and foal get appropriate time together to bond before re introduction to the herd of mare and foals.

Stallion board$700 per month
Mare or Gelding PASTURE BOARD$400 per month
Mare or Gelding STALL BOARD$550 per month
Broodmare and Foal board$650 per month with stall, $500 per month with no stall
Weanling and Yearling board$200 per month weanling with no stall, $300 per month yearling with no stall
additional monthly extras$50 per month, this covers any extras like holding for vet/ferrier, blanketing, etc.
Prices subject to change based on economic changes. Clients will be given a 1 month heads up prior to any changes.