We offer both training and ridding lessons using the French classical theory and approach. Working with horse and rider to establish a solid foundation for future success in any discipline.

We offer lessons to all ages, abilities, and disciplines. Lessons are offered in different packages in order to meet the needs and abilities of various riders.

Lesson Packages

Basic Package
Basic lessons run about an hour and go through basic horsemanship and general care for the animal as well as equipment and how to use it. As your skill level progresses more time is spent ridding. If the student wishes to pursue competitive ridding, then the student will be moved into the intermediate or advanced lesson packages, suitable to ability and goals.

Intermediate Package
When a student advances to intermediate lessons we start to work on the skill set required for the discipline that the student has chosen to pursue. At this point 1x a week lessons are sufficient. The student will be required to have their horse tacked up and ready at the start of their lesson. Lessons will last approximately 45 min and the student will be responsible for untacking, grooming and putting their horse away.

Advanced Package
Once the student shows themselves to be proficient in the basic skill set of their discipline they will be moved to the advanced group and will be eligible to join the show team.
At this point the student may wish to pursue 2x a week lessons in order to grow in the proficiency and practice of their skills. Students are required to have their horses tacked up and warmed up prior to their lesson. Lessons will last approximately 45 min and students will be responsible for cool down, untacking, and putting their horse away.

Show Team
Once the student has shown themselves to be proficient in the skill set required for their discipline, and shows their own dedication to the practice and study of competitive ridding, they are invited to join the show team. Show team will meet at the beginning of the show season to choose shows that are of interest to the students and their goals through the year. A list of appropriate shows will be chosen and students are invited to enter and compete as a “farm”. The students trainer will coach the students for the entirety of each show.

Basic Package$40 per lesson
Intermediate Package $55 per lesson
Advanced Package $75 per lesson
Show TeamInquire for more information and prices
Discount given when 1 month or more of lessons is purchased and paid for at the beginning of the month.

Required clothing and footwear
We require the student to wear close toed shoes ( sneakers will work if you do not yet have boots), pants like jeans or leggings are suggested for comfort, and we ask that girls with long hair tie it back out of the way. We also ask that if you do not yet have an approved ridding helmet that you bring your bicycle helmet. The farm has a limited number of available helmets.

Training –

Training of the horse will require a meeting with the trainer in order to discuss your goals and expectations for the general outcome. Horses are worked appropriate for age, fitness level and desired goals. All horses will have their own bridle, bit, and saddle pad. Girth’s are washed frequently and wiped down between each use in the attempt to control any kind of “contamination”.

Training horses will be ridden and trained only by the trainer they are assigned to, unless a prior discussion is had with the owner and consent given to put a different rider up in order to achieve the goal set for that horse.

Training videos are made available to the owners 1x a week so that owners may monitor the progress even if they are unable to be at the farm.

Stall board and full training $1,000 per month
Pasture board and full training $800 per month