Additional Services

We offer various additional services to our students and clients:

  • Braiding
  • Body Clipping
  • Transportation to veterinary services
  • Sales assistance
  • Consignment services

BraidingDressage and Baroque – $45, Hunter – $65. Price is per mane
Body clipping Full body clip – $150 , Any other partial clipping – $75. Price is per horse
Transport to Vet$1.00 per loaded mile round trip + $65 per hour. Price is per horse
Sales Assistance Please inquire, price varies depending on need. We are happy to assist in “horse shopping “ . This can include travel to view and test ride, search for appropriate animals, and assist in transport and pre purchase exams
Consignment We are happy to consign horses for sale. We require 15% of the sales price and will do all the pictures and video as well as marketing, social media, and presenting the horse to potential buyers.