We want to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays!!! From our farm and family to yours….we hope everyone has/had a wonderful time and memories made with family and friends.

Things have been quiet at the farm due to travel and visiting with our families all over the country….but now it’s time to get stretched out and going again! 🥰

Mambo has been very board and is ready to rock and roll 🤣 and the goats and I have missed each other dearly! 🥰.

I do not have the website up for the goats yet but keep checking back as that is coming as soon as I don’t fall asleep right after dinner 😜.

We have kids (goat babies) due to make an appearance starting 1/7/2022! If you would like to be included on the list please send me an email. We are expecting 7-9 kids all from nice show and super milk lines. These are Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubians. We will have both registered show goats and unregistered pet and milk goats.

We hope to see you all soon! Show season and breeding season are just around the corner ☺️

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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